What is “runpalmin”?

runpalmin is short for runner, paleo, minimalist.


I’m a runner, finally. I’ve been running steadily for over two years. During that time I lost 70 pounds and went from being completely unable to run to running 35+ miles per week at an average pace of 8:00 per mile. I usually run wearing Vibrams Five Fingers, although during the warmer months I go barefoot.

Paleo (Diet)

In short, the Paleo Diet consists of vegetables, lean meats, fruits, nuts and oils. If it was alive, you can eat it. If it came out of a box, it’s probably processed crap designed to be able to spend years on a shelf.


The concept of minimalism isn’t new, but a movement appears to be happening in America right now. People are beginning to wake up and realize the consumerist mentality isn’t healthy or sustainable. Minimalism is about living with less things, and appreciating people, experiences and yourself more.


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